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WWW  Documents Related to Sakae Wagatsuma (online edition)  [provided by Graduate School of Law]
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“Documents Related to Sakae Wagatsuma” contains materials from the vast collection of original sources he has left in the fields of the Constitution, other public law, judiciary, civil law, civil procedure, leased land / house, and nuclear power. It contains a wealth of internal materials, especially those related to the Legislative Council's subcommittee in which he participated, especially the Extraordinary Judicial System Investigation Committee, the Judicial System Subcommittee, the Civil Code Subcommittee, and the Nuclear Disaster Compensation Subcommittee, which he chaired.
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Waka Renga Haikai Library includes the following contents.

  • Shinpen Kokka Taikan
  • Shinpen Shikashu Taisei
  • Kasho Shusei
  • Koten Haibungaku Taikei
  • Renga Taikan

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