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[Solved] (Updated 28 Sep.) Trouble: Designated plug-in for Google Chrome Temporarily Unavailable (26 Sep.)

 On 2022-09-26 (3950 reads)

This trouble has been solved. (Sep. 28, 2022, 1.00 p.m.)

(Updated 28 Sep. )

Since the night of Thursday, September 22, 2022, there has been a trouble with the designated plug-in for Google Chrome.
We are currently working to resolve the problem.


  • Unable to access the Chrome Web Store from the dedicated plug-in download site [Solved 28 Sep.]
  • The dedicated plug-in icon (KU symbol) is not displayed.[Solved 28 Sep.]
  • Displayed as "This extension violates the Chrome Web Store policy"[Solved 28 Sep.]

If you have already downloaded the dedicated plug-in for Google Chrome and the plug-in icon (KU symbol) is not displayed, please follow the steps below to make the plug-in available again.

1. Click the small puzzle piece icon (top right corner of the browser window)
2. Click the icon with three vertical dots to the right of the "Kulib EJDB service"
3. Select "Operation Mode: Enabled"
4. Click the pin mark to the right of the "Kulib EJDB service"

If you have deleted the dedicated plug-in, please re-download it from the download site.

Download site of the plug-in (ECS-ID/SPS-ID required)


Designated plug-in for Google Chrome is currently not available.
Until the problem is resolved, please use the designated plug-in for Firefox.

Guide to "e-Resources Access Authentication System" Firefox-en(ECS-ID/SPS-ID required)