【Library Network : for faculty members】Request for recommendations of eBooks for student use in the second semester

 On 2020-09-09 (909 reads)

※Added about eBooks ineligible for recommendation (Sep. 15, 2020)

Due to the current situation regarding the novel coronavirus (COVID-19), most courses in the second semester of AY 2020 will continue to be provided online. The Library Network provides students with eBooks for home study. To help us provide a wider range of eBooks, we would like to ask for your recommendations of eBooks that you think would be useful for students.

Persons eligible to make recommendations

All Kyoto University faculty members (Including part-time lecturers)

eBooks eligible for recommendation

・eBooks that will be used for liberal arts and sciences (ILAS) courses in AY 2020, or that will be useful for students taking those courses.

・eBooks that will be used in undergraduate courses in AY 2020, or that will be useful for students taking those courses.

・eBooks that would be useful for undergraduate students studying at home.

eBooks ineligible for recommendation

・Complete works, journals (including back numbers), newspapers

・Study guide, workbooks, self-help books and books of hobbies and practical use

・eBooks that extra costs will be charged next year (ex: contract maintenance fee, platform usage fee) 

How to make a recommendation

Please use the recommendation form

Note: if you wish to recommend more than two eBooks, please enter the titles in order of priority.

Deadline for recommendations

October 16, 2020

Please note

・eBooks will be purchased in the order that recommendations are received.

・We may not be able to purchase all of your recommendations due budget limitations and order of purchasing priority.

・We will endeavor to purchase recommended eBooks that could not be purchased in this budget period in a subsequent budget period.

・We cannot purchase eBooks which are not sold to academic institutions. Please refer to the list of titles which are sold to academic institutions at the "For reference" below.

・eBooks purchased will generally only be accessible by one user at a time.


Acquisition and Cataloging Section, Kyoto University Library

Email: shiryoseibi660 [@]

For reference

・Titles which are already owned by Kyoto University can be searched via KULINE.

・List of titles which are available to academic institutions

Titles are sorted by platform and classified by type. Please use the classifications to narrow down the lists. Some titles are provided in multiple platforms

*Please note that the files are large, so downloading them may require some time.

*Due to the large size of the files, they may not be viewable on some smartphones and tablets.

[Japanse books] (Excel, approx. 18MB)

On-campus access only

・List1  Provided by the Maruzen eBook Library

・List2  Provided by the KinoDen

・List3  Provided by the EBSCO eBooks

[Non-Japanese books 1] (Excel, approx. 13MB)

On-campus access only

・List1  Provided by the Brill, the Cambridge, the Oxford, the Taylor & Francis, the Wiley, the World Scientific(titles published after 2015 only)

・List2  Provided by the EBSCO eBooks(titles published after 2015 only)

[Non-Japanese books 2] (Excel, approx. 66MB)

On-campus access only

・List1  Provided by the ProQuest eBook Central(titles published after 2015 only)

・ Although the number of eBooks available to academic institutions is smaller than the number available to individuals, it still comprises a very large number of titles. The lists include only a partial selection of the eBooks that are available, so please do not hesitate to recommend eBooks that are not included in the lists, and we will check their availability.  

Your help and cooperation is greatly appreciated. Your recommendations help us to enhance our eBook collection, and will also be used as reference when requesting publishers to provide digital versions of their books.


8/26 updated [Library Network] Expanded access to e-resources during the COVID-19 outbreak

 On 2020-09-01 (16836 reads)

The following publishers have expanded access to their e-resources to assist students, faculty and researchers, as social distancing is advised to contain the spread of COVID-19.
Please refer to each publisher's website for details.

AAAS[5/1up]Content Free to Access (COVID-19 on Science and allied journals)[details]-
American Physiological SocietyContent Free to Access (COVID-19)[details]-
CASExpanded access to SciFinder from off-campus (ID/password required) until June 15
Oct 18 [extended]  
ElsevierContent Free to Access (COVID-19)[details]-
Guilford PressContent Free to Access (all journals and some other contents)[details]until July 31
Sep 30 [extended]
IEEEContent Free to Access (COVID-19)[details]-
JoVEContent Free to Access (COVID-19)[details]-
JSTORContent Free to Access (COVID-19 and public health)[details]until June 30
Dec 31 [extended]
JSTOR[7/15up]Content Free to Access (unlicensed journal collections and ARTSTOR)(requires access via e-journal plug-in)[details 1][details 2]until Dec 31
Mary Ann Liebert[5/1up]Content Free to Access (COVID-19)[details]-
Microbiology SocietyContent Free to Access (all contents)[details]-
New England Journal of MedicineContent Free to Access (COVID-19 and clinical education)[details]-
Oxford University PressContent Free to Access (COVID-19)[details]-
Project MUSEExpanded access to content [details]-
ProQuest[8/5up]"Coronavirus Research Database" is available free [details]until Dec 31
Royal SocietyContent Free to Access (all contents) [details]-
SAGEContent Free to Access (COVID-19)[details]-
SIAMContent Free to Access (Epidemiology)[details]-
SpringerNatureContent Free to Access (COVID-19)[details]-
Taylor & FrancisContent Free to Access (COVID-19) [details]-
University of Chicago PressContent Free to Access (COVID-19 and some journals as below)[details]

Bulletin American Schools Oriental Research / Classical Philology / Ethics / History of Religions / International Journal of American Linguistics / Isis / Journal of Cuneiform Studies / Journal of Labor Economics / Journal of Law & Economics / Journal of Legal Studies / Journal of Modern History / Journal of Near Eastern Studies / Journal of Religion / Philosophy of Science / The Journal of Geology / The Library Quarterly
WileyContent Free to Access (COVID-19) [details]-
Wiley [5/25up]

Archive Collections free to access as follows (requires access from campus or e-journal plug-in)
・Royal Geographical Society (with IBG)
・The Royal Anthropological Institute of Great Britain and Ireland
・The Royal College of Physicians

You can search across HERE.
(In addition, you can use "The New York Academy of Sciences" as the subscribed database.)

until June 30
Zassaku Plus [6/17up]Expanding Simultaneous Access to Zasshi Kiji Sakuin Shusei (Zassaku Plus) (1→3) until Mar 31, 2021
Nikkei BP[4/30up]Expanded access to Nikkei BP Kiji Kensaku Service (Academic Edition) from off-campus (e-journal plug-in required)
*There is an annual limit on the number of articles to be downloaded. Please read only what you need.


The followings have expired.

American Economic Association[5/1up]Content Free to Access (all contents)[details]until June 30
Aug 31

Annual ReviewsContent Free to Access (all contents)[details] until April 30
June 30

Association for Computing Machinery [4/17up]Free Access to ACM Digital Library (all contents)[details]until June 30[expired]  
Cambridge University Press[5/1up]Content Free to Access (700+ textbooks (Online View only) and COVID-19) on Cambridge Core [details] until May 31[expired]  
De GruyterFree access to approximately 75,000 textbooks(1650-2016) from De Gruyter
and partner publishers sequentially (requires access from campus or e-journal plug-in)[details]
 until June 30
July 31

EBSCOUnlimited Access to EBSCO eBooks[details]until June 30[expired]
EBSCOUnlimited Access to the following databases:
Philosopher's Index with Full Text / CINAHL / EconLit with Full Text
until June 30[expired]
Geological Society of AmericaContent Free to Access (all e-books on GeoScienceWorld)[details]until June 30[expired]
JSTOR[7/15up]Content Free to Access (32,000+ eBooks from 48 publishers)(requires access via e-journal plug-in)[details]until Aug 31[expired]
KinoDen [5/15up]Expanding Simultaneous Access to some of the subscribed e-books up to 50[details]until July 31[expired]
Maruzen eBook Library [4/17up]Expanding Simultaneous Access to some of the subscribed e-books to 50[details]until July 31[expired]
Oxford University Press [4/17up]

Content Free to Access (eBooks, Review Articles, etc.) as follows
(requires access from campus or e-journal plug-in)
Oxford Scholarship Online (OSO)
University Press Scholarship Online (UPSO) *until June 13
Oxford Handbooks Online (OHO)
Oxford Research Encyclopedias (OREs)
Very Short Introductions. (VSI)
Oxford Quick Reference *until July 31

until July 13[expired]
ProQuestUnlimited Access to Ebook Central [details]until Mid June[expired]
SpringerNatureContent Free to Access (500+ textbooks)[details]until July 31[expired]
Taylor & Francis [4/17up]Free Access to Taylor & Francis eBooks except some
(requires access from campus or e-journal plug-in)
until July 12[expired]
Wolters Kluwer [4/23up]Providing Guest Passes for UpToDate access (individual sign-up required)[details]until May 31 [expired]
Asahi Shimbun Company [4/23up]Expanding Simultaneous Access to Kikuzo II (3→53) until May 31
June 30[expired]
NetAdvanceExpanding Simultaneous Access to JapanKnowledge Lib to 50 until May 31
July 31


*Posted: 24 Mar 2020 

[Kyoto University Library Electronic Resources Team]


[For faculty members]E-Book Purchase Request Form for Student use

 On 2020-07-01 (2515 reads)

Because of the prevention of the spread of COVID-19, students have to take classes online and have to learn at home. For that reason, Kyoto University Library Network carries out urgent e-book purchases to make students’ learning more effectively. Please request e-books which are thought to be necessary for students.


  • Eligible Applicants
    • Faculty members in Kyoto University (Including part-time lecturers)
  • E-books You Can Request
    • E-books which you are planning to use in Liberal Arts and Sciences (ILAS) courses of AY 2020.
    • E-books which are thought to be useful when undergraduate students learn at home.
  • Application Period
    • finished. By 10th July, 2020 By 30th June, 2020
  • Notice
    • Price (excluding tax): Total 10,000 yen per person
    • We may not be able to purchase e-books :
      • Extra costs will be charged next year (ex: contract maintenance fee, platform usage fee)
      • Due to the limitation on budget
    • We preferentially purchase e-books which are planned to be used in Liberal Arts and Sciences (ILAS) courses.
  • How to request
    • Please apply from the application form at the URL below

[Kyoto University Library, Acquisition and Cataloging Section]


[E-Book] Iwanami Shoten’s 500 titles are now available as e-books

 On 2020-06-19 (3299 reads)

Iwanami Shoten has produced an extensive range of publications should be read by university students .

Kyoto University Library network provides Iwanami Shoten’s “Gendaijin-no-Kyoyo” package as e-books.

The package contains 500 titles which are selected from Iwanami-Bunko, Iwanami-Shinsho, Iwanami-Gendai-Bunko, Iwanami-Junior-Shinsho and Iwanami-Kagaku-Library.

We apologize for any inconvenience caused by some of the library service restrictions to prevent the spread of the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19).

You can read the titles via Maruzen eBook Library platform. Let’s access and read some.


List of Titles

*Click a title to check the detail of the book. Click a link in “Bibliography Details” section to jump to the Maruzen eBook Library Platform.

List of titles (PDF file)

*Click a title to  jump to the Maruzen eBook Library Platform.


How to use

1 Access via on-campus network.

2 Search by the specific title of an e-book or browse.

3 Click 読上 button to transit a screen, then, click 読む button to start reading.

4 Some e-books are available as e-audiobooks.  If you want to listen, click Speak” button.

5 When you finish reading, close the page.

*Users guide of Maruzen eBook Library viewer (Japanese only).



・You cannot print and download the e-books.

・Access e-books from off campus via an IKEv2 connection or a designated "Plug-in".

*The "Plug-in" is not compatible with iOS and Android.

 When you read the above-mentioned ebooks using iOS and Android devices, please set up the IKEv2 VPN connection.

*When you access via the "Plug-in" from off campus, please follow the 2 steps below. In reverse order, you may not be able to access.

 (1) Turn on the "Plug-in"

 (2) Access to Maruzen eBook Library

 If you still cannot access, please clear your browser's cache and try again.

 ref. How to clear the cache?:


Kyoto University Library Electronic Resources Section.


[Maintenance]ProQuest Ebook Central (Jun. 28)

 On 2020-06-01 (953 reads)

Due to its system maintenance, ProQuest Ebook Central will be unavailable

on Sunday 28th June 2020, from 1:00 a.m. to 4:00 a.m. (JST).

We thank you for your patience.


[Main Library Academic Support Section]


[Ebooks] Trial Access to the "Kinokuniya Digital Library (KinoDen)" (29 May 2020 - 31 Jul 2020)

 On 2020-05-29 (1082 reads)

Now KINOKUNIYA COMPANY LTD. provides a trial access to ebooks on "Kinokuniya Digital Library (KinoDen)" in response to COVID-19 pandemic. (for Kyoto University members)

During the campaign, you can read them in 5 minutes.

KinoDen contains more than 19,000 titles of Japanese ebook titles representing a broad range of academic subject matter.


  • 29 May 2020 - 31 July 2020


  • More than 19,000 titles of Japanese ebooks published by about 110 publishers



  1. Access via on-campus network.
  2. Search by the specific title of a ebook or click "検索" button.
  3. Click "閲覧開始" or "試し読み" button, then click "試し読みを続ける" link to start reading.


Kyoto University Library Electronic Resources Section.


[Ebooks] Trial Access to the "Maruzen eBook Library" (1 Nov 2019 - 31 Dec 2019)*Extended until the end of Aug 2020

 On 2020-04-24 (3438 reads)

The trial campaign has been extended until the end of August 2020. The purchase request is no longer available.
The trial period has been changed. It will now go on until the end of April 2020.
The purchase request function is available until 31 Dec 2019.

Now a trial access to ebooks is available on “Maruzen eBook Library”. (for Kyoto University members)

Maruzen eBook Library contains more than 60,000 titles of Japanese ebook titles representing a broad range of academic subject matter.

During the campaign, you can read them in 5 minutes.

If you would like the library to purchase a book, simply click the "リクエスト" button, fill out the quick form, and submit to the Library for approval. Library staff will notify you whether the request is approved or rejected by e-mail.


  • 1 Nov 2019 - 31 Aug 2020


  • More than 60,000 titles of Japanese ebooks



  1. Access via on-campus network.
  2. Search by the specific title of a ebook or Browse.
  3. Click 試読 button to start reading.
  4. Click 閲覧終了 button to close the page.



    [Limited Time Only] Trial Access to more than 1.2 million ebooks (1 Nov 2019 - 31 Dec 2019)*Maruzen eBook Library Extended Until the End of Aug 2020


    Kyoto University Library Electronic Resources Section.


    [Library Network] Conditions of Use and Licensing Restrictions for E-Resources

     On 2020-03-24 (1202 reads)

    Use of electronic resources including databases, e-journals and e-books subscribed by Kyoto University is subject to copyright laws and licence agreements.
    The licences generally prohibit the following uses:

    • Systematic and programmatic download
    • Usage beyond the private purpose
    • Reproducing and distributing

    Violation of the licence agreements may result in the suspension of access to e-resources for the whole University.

    There have been frequent recent occurrences of users unintentionally downloading or accessing large volumes of data using pre-read browser functions. Pre-read browser functions continually access links within pages in the background while pages are being viewed. As a result of this, large volume data downloads or large volume access of which the user is unaware may occur, even if the user intends to use electronic journals in the standard way. We request your cooperation in disabling these functions by making the below changes to your browser settings.


    • Electronic Journal "Excessive Access" Recent Case: It happens without any intention!!(PDF)[Flier]


    [Kyoto University Library Network]


    Solved:[Trouble]Oxford University Press E-Journals & E-Books(Access Error)

     On 2020-03-09 (1292 reads)

    This problem was solved.
    If that doesn't work, please clear your browser's cache.
    ref. How to clear the cache?



    An access error occurred in the e-journals and e-books published by Oxford University Press.

    • E-Journals published mainly in 2020.
    • E-Books provided on the following platforms.
      • University Press Scholarship Online
      • Oxford Scholarly Authorities on International Law etc.

    When you try to access to the full-text, "Purchase" message is displayed and you cannot get anything.

    We will post a message when the problems have been resolved.
    We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you.

    [Kyoto University Library Electronic Resources Section]


    [Maintenance]Cambridge Core(1/28 9:30-11:00)

     On 2020-01-28 (677 reads)

    Due to essential maintenance Cambridge Core will not be possible between 09:30 and 11:00 JST, on Tuesday 28th January 2020.

    Thank you for your cooperation.

    [Main Library Academic Support Section]