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WWW  Asahi Shimbun Cross-Search  
同時接続数...3   収録範囲...1879-  更新頻度...Daily  資料タイプ...Full-text databases / News and Newspaper  分野...General - Whole Field  日本語

This database enables you to search over 15 millions of articles in the paper by "Asahi Shinbun" since 1879.

It includes the following contents.

  • "Asahi Shimbun" 1985~, "Shukan Asahi", "AERA"
    * "The Asahi Shimbun Digital
    " → From May 2011:Several original columns and article series (about 100 articles per month)
  • "Asahi Shimbun" Reduced-size Facsimile Edition 1879~1999
  • "Chiezo" Keyword Database
  • Who's Who Database
  • Historical Photo Archive
  • "Asahigraph" 1923~1956
  • AJW(Asia and Japan Watch)

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WWW  Former Collection of Hiromi Arisawa, Social and Energy Policy Materials, Part II  [provided by Institute for Research in Humanities] new
収録範囲...1960年代前半~1980年代 後半  資料タイプ...Full-text databases  分野...History  

Primary materials related to policies of numerous committees, councils, etc. in which Hiromi Arisawa (1896-1988) was involved mainly from the 1950s to the late 1980s, among the former collection of Hiromi Arisawa held by the University of Tokyo's Library of Economics.
"Part II: Energy Policy Materials" 1,610 items are provided.

Cross-searchable as "Modern Historical Documents Database" https://j-dac.jp/MJPH/index.html

WWW  Ichushi Web (Japana centra revuo medicina) Please use the KU EJ/DB plug-in   popular database
同時接続数...No limit   収録範囲...1946-  更新頻度...Twice a month  資料タイプ...Bibliographic datas, Abstracts, Indexes  分野...Medicine  日本語

This is the web version of Igaku Chuou Zasshi (Japana centra revuo medicina).

Medical Library Site

WWW  "Economist" Digital Archives    new
同時接続数...4   収録範囲...1960s-2020  資料タイプ...Full-text databases / News and Newspaper  分野...General - Whole Field  日本語

This is a digital archive of the business magazine "Economist" published by Mainichi Newspapers Co..

Available: 1960s to 2020
      *As of April 2022, some issues are missing from 1961 to 2020. To be added sequentially.

You can cross-search with "Weekly Diamond" (1913-2019) provided on the same platform.

WWW  Oohira Masayoshi Kankei Bunsho online edition : Oohira Masayoshi Kinen Zaidan Kyuzou  [provided by Graduate School of Law]
同時接続数...No limit   収録範囲...1929-1984  資料タイプ...Full-text databases  分野...History  日本語

Vast collection of documents related to Masayoshi Ohira (1910~1980), who served as the 68th and 69th prime minister.
User guide (jpn)[J-DAC]

Cross-searchable as "Modern Historical Documents Database" https://j-dac.jp/MJPH/index.html

WWW  Ooya Souichi Bunko Zasshi Kiji Sakuin (Japanese Periodicals Index)  
同時接続数...1   収録範囲...1888-  更新頻度...Weekly  資料タイプ...Bibliographic datas, Abstracts, Indexes  分野...General - Whole Field  日本語
The database enables you to search articles of japanese non-academic (popular) journals (1888-).