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WWW  Maisaku  
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A database of articles from the Mainichi Shimbun newspaper.

WWW  Miki Takeo Kankei Shiryou (online edition)  [provided by Graduate School of Law]
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Vast collection of documents related to Takeo Miki (1907-1988), who served as the 66th prime minister.
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WWW  Medical Online Please use the KU EJ/DB plug-in  [provided by Graduate School of Medicine]
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Medical*Online provides abstracts and full-text of published Japanese medical and research papers.
Founded in December 2000, Medical*Online has provided more than one million articles to over 860,000 doctors, dentists, pharmacists, nurses, medical technologists, students, pharmaceutical companies, and other healthcare-related companies. (as of September 2010)
Besides the large number of medical journals, university, hospital, medical association, and regional conference proceedings and bulletins are also available.

Medical Library Website (Japanese)