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Visible Body is an interactive 3D visualization and learning tool of human anatomy. The Library subscription includes five modules:

  • Human Anatomy Atlas :Includes thousands of 3D models of the male and female body.
  • Physiology Animations:An app with animations that illustrate physiological processes.
  • Muscle Premium:Presents an in-depth understanding of muscle attachments and actions.
  • Skeleton Premium:A 3D interactive dive into the skeleton of the human body.
  • Heart & Circulatory Premium:A 3D interactive dive into the heart, arteries, & veins of the human body.

Web site
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Only available from on-campus. The methods to connect to the network(limited on-campus) from Off-campus

 Visible Body Apps:
From March 2017, five (5) Visible Body Apps are available. Once the apps have been downloaded from the below URL, Visible Body can be used on mobile devices such as iPhone, iPad, and Android.
http://access.ovid.com/custom/kyta399/(For KU members)
* In order to download the apps, you need to make reference to the following manual.

At the first use of each module, you need to install the application.
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