(日本語) 【図書館機構】新入生サポート企画のご案内(附属図書館・吉田南総合図書館)

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【Yoshida-South Library: Notice】Wa-on will reopen from November 16th.

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[Library Network] Kyoto University Rare Materials Digital Archive: 25 Rare books owned by Yoshida-South Library, G.S. Letters, G.S. Economics and the Medical Library digitized and released

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Twenty-five Rare books owned by Yoshida-South Library, the Graduate School of Letters, the Graduate School of Economics and the Medical Library have been digitized and released in the Kyoto University Rare Materials Digital Archive.

Among those, Zhong yi shui hu quan shu (忠義水滸全書) owned by the Graduate School of Letters was bequested by Dr. Kojiro Yoshikawa (吉川幸次郎; 1904-1980) and includes many annotations which he wrote when he translated the book into Japanese.

Zhong yi shui hu quan shu (忠義水滸全書)

LibraryRecord IDTitleAuthorCall Number
Yoshida-South LibraryRB00031730元史 210巻(明)王禕等奉勑修515//131/三高和
RB00031731重校正唐文粹 100卷(宋)姚鉉纂412//55/三高和
RB00031732彙苑詳註 36 巻(明)王世貞編 ; 鄒道元校030//26/三高和
RB00031733注釋古周禮 5巻 ; 考工記明 郎兆玉譔216//252/三高和
RB00031734二如亭群芳譜(明)王象晋纂輯 ; (明)毛鳳苞較正663//11/三高和
RB00031735四書徴湯睡菴鍳定 ; 王夢簡彙輯 ; 馮汝密 [ほか] 訂216//26/三高和
G.S. LettersRB00031736忠義水滸全書 中哲文D Vib 7-40
RB00031737新鐫節義鴛鴦嬌紅記 中哲文D Vg 15-13
G.S. EconomicsRB00031738亞米利加總記 1巻續2巻後編3巻林則徐譯 ; 魏源重輯 ; 廣瀬達解18/2-1/Tsu
RB00031739Histoire ecclesiastique des isles et royaumes du IaponFrancçois Solier.上野文庫/CII/22/SOLI
RB00031740Fasciculus e Iapponicis floribus, suo adhuc madentibus sanguine, compositus a P. Antonio Francisco Cardim è Societate Iesu : prouinciæ Iapponiæ ad urbem procuratore : qui legitis flores, hos legite, sic quoniam positi suaves miscentur odores. 上野文庫/CII/22/CARD
RB00031741Some thoughts concerning education[John Locke]CII/24/LOCK/貴重書
RB00031742Relation abregée de la nouvelle persecution de la Chine : tirée de la relation composée à Macao par les missionnaires de l'Ordre de Saint Dominique, qui ont été chassés de cette mission : traduite de l'ItalienFrançois Gonzalés de S. Pierre.上野文庫/CII/22/RELA
RB00031743A new history of China : containing a description of the most considerable particulars of that vast empireGabriel MagaillansCIII/5/MAGA
RB00031744A letter concerning enthusiasm : sensus communis : an essay on the freedom of wit and humour. (Characteristicks of men, manners, opinions, times / by Anthony Shaftesbury ; vol. 1).Anthony ShaftesburyCII/17/SHAF/貴重書
RB00031745Letters on Mr Hume's history of Great Britain[Daniel MacQueen]CII/4/MACQ/貴重書
RB00031746Four dissertationsDavid Hume上野文庫/CII/3/HUME
RB00031747The history of the reign of the Emperor Charles V. ; v. 1, v. 2, v. 3.William RobertsonBIV/26/ROBE/貴重書
RB00031748Strictures on the modern system of female education : with a view of the principles and conduct prevalent among women of rank and fortune. In two volumes ; v. 1, v. 2.Hannah MoreCII/24/MORE/貴重書
RB00031749On the principles of political economy, and taxationDavid RicardoBücher/BI/3-3/RICA
RB00031750On the principles of political economy, and taxationDavid RicardoBI/3-3/RICA
RB00031751Compte-rendu général des travaux du Congrès international de statistique dans ses sessions : de Bruxelles, 1853; Paris, 1855; Vienne, 1857; Londres, 1860, et Berlin, 1863 Mayr/BIII/1/COMP
RB00031752Compte-rendu des travaux de la VIe session du Congrès international de statistique : réuni à Florence les 29, 30 septembre, 1, 2, 3, 4, et 5 octobre 1867 Mayr/BIII/1/CONG
Medical LibraryRB00031753An experimental history of the materia medica, or of the natural and artificial substances made use of in medicine, 2nd ed., 1768William Lewis 
RB00031754Damen-Conversations-Lexikonherausgegeben im Verein mit Gelehrten und Schriftstellerinnen von Carl Herlosssohn 




【Database】Drama and Performance Collection

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Drama and Performance Collection (演劇・上演史料データベース)



 Shakespeare in Performance : Prompt Books from the Folger Shakespeare Library

「フォルジャー・シェイクスピア図書館蔵プロンプト・ブック デジタルコレクション」


Folger Shakespeare Library所蔵のシェイクスピア作品のプロンブト・ブック(上演台本)



データベースリスト「S」 https://www.kulib.kyoto-u.ac.jp/erdb?c=erdb_alpha_s

Eighteenth Century Drama : Censorship, Society and the Stage



Huntington Library所蔵の18世紀イギリス演劇の脚本コレクション

John Larpent Collection)をデジタル化し、収録しています。



データベースリスト「E」 https://www.kulib.kyoto-u.ac.jp/erdb?c=erdb_alpha_e

【参考】 過去の人間・環境学研究科購入の大型コレクション資料

             (他部局との共同購入・他部局所蔵資料含む。)       →  併せてご活用ください。


東京大学総合図書館所蔵 連歌俳諧書集成 (洒竹文庫、竹冷文庫、知十文庫、追補の部)

https://www.kulib.kyoto-u.ac.jp/collections/1383237  <マイクロフィッシュ>



  https://www.kulib.kyoto-u.ac.jp/collections/1378538  <データベース>


  https://www.kulib.kyoto-u.ac.jp/collections/1378536  <マイクロフィッシュ>


  The Eighteenth Century Collection Online II (18世紀英語・英国刊行物データベース)

  https://www.kulib.kyoto-u.ac.jp/collections/12556  <データベース>


  British Newspapers 1600-1900  (近世近代イギリス新聞アーカイブ)

  https://www.kulib.kyoto-u.ac.jp/collections/12554  <データベース>


  British Periodicals. Collection I & II  (英国定期刊行物データベース)

  https://www.kulib.kyoto-u.ac.jp/collections/12551  <データベース>


  The Making of the Modern World (ゴールドスミス・クレス両文庫所蔵 社会科学系学術図書データベース)

  https://www.kulib.kyoto-u.ac.jp/collections/12543  <データベース>


  The Eighteenth Century Collections Online (ECCO)  (18世紀英語・英国刊行物データベース)

  https://www.kulib.kyoto-u.ac.jp/collections/12539  <データベース>



吉田南総合図書館 情報管理掛

TEL:  075-753-6537

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【Yoshida-South Library】Temporary Part-time Contract Office Assistant / Teaching Assistant Jobs.

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【Yoshida-South Library】 Guidance session on how to gather and manage academic materials (10/19,21,23,26,28,30)

 On 2020-10-09 (1955 reads)

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[Yoshida-South Library]Service update

 On 2020-09-25 (1751 reads)

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【Yoshida-South Library】Temporary changes to library open on July 23rd and 24th.

 On 2020-07-17 (2283 reads)

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【Yoshida-South Library】Reopening of YSL (from July 16th)

 On 2020-07-10 (2093 reads)

We offering the following service start from July 16th until further notice.

[Reopening the sitting area and AV room]
・We reduce the maximum capacity of seat at each floor.
・Please keep your distance and follow the floor markings for guidance.
・The library open from 10:00 to 16:00
・Newspaper reading room, OSL(Open Space Laboratory) and Wa-On are closed.

We also keep our special service offering such as;

  Book delivery service for KU members
  Extension of the borrowing period
  Increasing the number of books to lend for undergraduate students

In other to prevent our users from the spread and contamination of Covid-19,
in accordance with safety measures for all. The library will like to recommend that all users
make sure to use face covering at all times.
The library will ask all guests to move out and wait when it crowded with users.
Help us to protect the health of our users and our team by using the hand sanitizer provided.
Thank you very much for your understanding.

【Offering limited services at YSL】
【Yoshida-South Library】Partially open for limited service. (Update)


Please feel free to contact us for any further enquiry.

Email : a30yslib(at)mail.adm.kyoto-u.ac.jp
※Please replace (at) with @

Office hours: 9:00 - 17:00 on weekdays


【Katsura Lib・Yoshida-South Lib】Research Support Campaign for students who write papers and to give presentations

 On 2020-06-23 (2251 reads)

We provide library services including useful information for learning and research at university, such as how to find books that are effective for learning, tools that are useful for documents management, and how to improve your writing skill.
These tools are all available online. Please check below;

■ Guide & Cource Support  <Katsura Library>
 We introduce library services that are useful for learning and research at university, such as how to find books that are effective for learning, tools that are useful for documents management, and how to improve your writing skill.
 Guide to Writing Report
 Guide to Presentation

■ KULINE  <YSL・Katsura Library etc.>
Following tags are attached to books and e-books that are recommended to read before writing a report and giving presentations.

• Guide to Report

• Presentations for beginners
 ・プレゼン(英語でプレゼン-English Presentation)

■ Online Guidance Sessions  <YSL>
Yoshida-South library will be offering 15 minutes sessions, for students seeking guidance on how to write their first paper. The aforementioned sessions will consist of two categories as follows;
    [Primary level] consisting of students between 1st grade or 2nd grade.
    [Intermediate level]comprising 3rd grade higher.
           Note: This session is conducted in Japanese only.

■ Databases via KUINS-VPN remote access service
In order to get authenticated with the system, a designated plug-in has been released on KU Library Network’s website is required to be installed to your browser. The plug-in enables off-campus access to e-resources. Please refer to the web page; How to use e-journals
Note: The Plug-in authentication system is only for Chrome or Firefox were installed to Windows, MacOS or Linux.

Please feel free to contact us for any further enquiry.
Katsura Library:090stosho@mail2.adm.kyoto-u.ac.jp