What you need to know about copyright before depositing your article in Kyoto University Research Information Repository (KURENAI)

If you, as the author, exclusively hold the copyright, you can deposit your article in KURENAI.
If you and your co-author(s) hold the copyright, you and all the co-authors need to agree to deposit the article in KURENAI.
If the publisher or the academic society holds the copyright, you need to check the below information:

Does the publisher permit self-archiving in the institutional repository?

If you want to deposit and make open access your article that has been accepted by or published on an academic journal, or your book that has been published by a publisher, you need to check the publishing contract. The terms and conditions regarding self-archiving may be stated in the contribution rules, copyright rules or copyright transfer agreement. Many publishers announce their copyright rules on their website, usually in a section such as "Copyright", "Permissions", "For Authors", or "Rights".

●Has the copyright been transferred from the author to the publisher? If so, to what extent?
●Is it permitted to deposit and make open access the article in the institutional repository?
●If so, which version of the article can be deposited?


Version of the article

Many publishers permit to deposit in the institutional repository the "final author's manuscript", but NOT the "final publisher version".

Final author's manuscript
Final manuscript after peer-review and acceptance for publication, but prior to the publisher's copyediting, design, formatting, and other services


Final publisher version
The article as it appears on the published journal

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Embargo period

Some publishers permit depositing the article in the institutional repository no sooner than a designated period after the publication.