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WWW  Ta Kung Pao  [provided by Graduate School of Education] new
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"Ta Kung Pao" was first published in Tianjin on June 17, 1902, and has been the longest-running Chinese-language newspaper to date. This database includes publications from 1902-1949 and Temporary Evening Edition from 1937. Provided on the platform "Quan Guo Bao Kan Suo Yin (CNBKSY) (National Newspaper Index)".

WWW  Dacheng Old Periodicals Database  [provided by Graduate School of Letters]
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The database about journals published in China (1840-1949).

WWW  Taiwan Colonial Statistic Database  [FREE]
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The Taiwan Colonial Statistics Database (TCSD) was established to preserve the official statistical data from the colonial period and to facilitate academic use of these data. It gathered original colonial statistics stored by the National Taiwan University Library and the National Taiwan Library and now includes 684 books on colonial statistics, 195,513 digital image files, and 104,315 sets of metadata.

WWW  The archive Takita Choin kyuzou kindai sakka genkoushu [Web-ver. Nihon Kindai Bungakukan]  
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This database contains 213 literary works from the collection of Takita Choin, a former editor of the journal "Chuo koron".

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WWW  Dazai Osamu Manuscripts Online  
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This database contains a total of 34 items in 3417 pages of Dazai's writing, in 22 manuscripts and drafts penned personally by him, plus fragments of draft text and notes, all held by the Museum of Modern Japanese Literature. Added to these are a further 21 pieces of invaluable resource material, including journals, notebooks, textbooks etc. from Dazai's years at the former Aomori Middle School and Hirosaki High School, gifted recently, in April 2013.
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WWW  Local System and Decentralization in Post War Japan (online edition)  
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A collection of materials for about half a century when Japan's local system is transformed from centralized administrative and local system to decentralized administrative and local system, starting from postwar reforms. It mainly contains a huge amount of materials such as the following committee reports, minutes, survey materials, and handouts.
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Cross-searchable as "Modern Historical Documents Database" https://j-dac.jp/MJPH/index.html

WWW  Chihou Jichi Kankei Siryou online edition  
同時接続数...No limit   収録範囲...1974-2015  資料タイプ...Full-text databases  分野...General - Social Science  日本語

Forty years of Japan Research Institute for Local Government (Chiho Jichi Sogo Kenkyusho/ ”Jichisoken” ) activity, now accessible in a single location.

WWW  Chinese Communist Party History Periodical Database (-1949)  [provided by Institute for Research in Humanities]
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The database of periodicals that the Chinese Communist Party published or had relations with before 1949.

WWW  Database of Chinese Classic Ancient Book KU EJ/DB Authentication System  
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This database "Database of Chinese Classic Ancient Books (Zhongguo Jiben Gujiku)" is one of the largest digital archives of ancient Chinese prints.

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WWW  Chinese Periodical Full-text Database (1911-1949) Series1-12  [provided by Institute for Research in Humanities, Faculty of Letters/Graduate School of Letters, Graduate School of Human and Environmental Studies]
同時接続数...1   収録範囲...1911-1949  資料タイプ...Full-text databases  分野...History  
This Chinese Periodical Full-text Database includes about 20,000 newspapers and periodicals, which the Shanghai Library houses, published from 1911 to 1949. User Manual

WWW  Database of Chinese Modern Periodicals  [provided by Institute for Research in Humanities, Faculty of Letters/Graduate School of Letters, Graduate School of Human and Environmental Studies]
同時接続数...1   収録範囲...1833-1949  資料タイプ...Bibliographic datas, Abstracts, Indexes / Full-text databases  分野...History  

中国近代報刊庫 (Database of Chinese Modern Periodicals) is a large database of around 3,000 chinese modern newspapers and periodicals published from the late Qing dynasty through the Republican period (1833-1949).


WWW  History of Japan's Trade and Industry Policy online  [provided by Graduate School of Economics]
同時接続数...No limit   収録範囲...1950-1986  資料タイプ...Full-text databases  分野...Economics and Business / History  日本語

An enormous collection consisting of primary documents of industrial policy from prewar period.
Available:「第2期(戦後編):第1部 第1回配本(産業政策)」「第2期(戦後編):第2部 第1回配本(産業政策)」

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WWW  Prefectural Statistics Online (24 modules)  [provided by Division of Natural Resource Economics, Graduate School of Agriculture] new
同時接続数...No limit   収録範囲...1873-1972  資料タイプ...Figures, Statistics, Numerical datas  分野...General - Whole Field  日本語

This database contains about 8,000 volumes of prefectural statistics (about 1.5 million statistical tables) from the microfilm editions of "Collection of Prefectural Statistics in Meiji Era", "Collection of Prefectural Statistics in Taisho Era", and "Collection of Prefectural Statistics Postwar", 1460 reels in total (1964-1979, published by Yushodo Shoten). The statistics cover the period from the beginning of the Meiji era to 1972.

Prefectural statistical books are annual statistical books published by each prefecture from around 1876 to 1874, covering various kinds of general statistics for their respective jurisdictions.
Some of them were published before the Ministry of Home Affairs issued the "Prefectural Statistics Forms" in 1884, and some of them were published after World War II, and some of them were called "Statistical Yearbooks.
In addition, "Prefectural Statistical Forms," "List of County Name Variations," and "Outline Tables of the Prefectures of the Prefectures of the Prefectures of the Prefectures of the Prefectures of the Prefectures" are available from "References" as reference materials.

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WWW  Urban Issue and Local Autonomy (online edition)  
同時接続数...No limit   収録範囲...1922-2017  資料タイプ...Full-text databases  分野...General - Social Science / History  日本語

This database contains for over ninety years' worth of study and research on municipal concerns.
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