What is Research Data Management?

“Research data” refers to data collected and generated during a research process or as a result of research.

Example: Observation data, experimental data, simulation data, derived and/or edited data, reference/standard data

Research Data Management

Research Data Management is a general term covering how you organize, structure, store and care of the information used or generated during a research project.

Necessity of Research Data Management

Research Data Management is necessary mainly because it serves the following three purposes:

  • Streamlining research
  • Complying with the policy
  • Ensuring research ethics

Leaflet “Research Data Management (RDM)”

(Updated by the Kyoto University Library Network in April 2023)

It outlines Research Data Management useful for both researchers and the University.

Please use the leaflet to publicize Research Data Management on campus.

 Print it on A4-size sheets in duplex printing mode or on A3-size sheets in “Booklet” mode.

Print it to create A4-size folios.

(Set the page size at A3. In “Booklet” mode, choose “Both sides” for “Booklet subset,” “Left” for “Binding,” and “Landscape” for “Orientation.”)

* This leaflet was created as part of the Kyoto University Priority Strategic Action Plan (2016–2021): Open Access Promotion Project.