Kyoto University Open Access Promotion Project (2016-2021)

In order to realize "WINDOW: A Vision for the Future", Kyoto University has launched "Kyoto University Priority Strategic Action Plan (2016-2021)" focusing on the third mid-term objectives. As part of the plan, Kyoto University Library Network has been carrying out the "Open Access Promotion Project" to implement the "Kyoto University Open Access Policy".

The "Open Access Promotion Project" aims to promote open access to research results of our faculty members and rare materials we hold and to enhance our research support capabilities by taking the actions below:

  1. Promotion of open access to research results through Kyoto University Research Information Repository KURENAI
  2. Enhancement of resources for research in humanities and social sciences by digitizing our rare materials and making them open access in Kyoto University Rare Materials Digital Archive
  3. International distribution of our above-mentioned academic contents
  4. Development of human resources for the appropriate management of research data including open access in accordance with open science and research integrity
  5. Organization of a project team led by experts and the systematic training of research support staff

By dispatching a variety of academic information such as academic papers, we are contributing to the promotion of international research collaboration and the creation of innovation.

Relevant Reports in English

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