International Interlibrary Loan for foreign libraries

Kyoto University Library contributes to the International Inter-Library Loan (ILL) programme between libraries. We accept only from Libraries. If you would like to borrow books or request copies, please apply for loan or photocopy request through your university/institute library or public library.


How to Order

Libraries wishing to borrow books or request copies, should search our library catalogue KULINE, email the inter-library loans section at sogo660@mail2.adm and include the following information about the item you need.


  1. Title
  2. Author
  3. Publisher
  4. Publication Year
  5. ISBN


  1. Journal/Book Title
  2. Publisher
  4. Article Title
  5. Article Author
  6. Vol.No.
  7. Publication Year
  8. Pages

Prices & Payment

Payment method of international ILL in Kyoto University library is only IFLA vouchers. If you cannot pay the charge by IFLA voucher, we cannot accept your request.

When we receive your request, we inform you the number of IFLA voucher is required for the request. After your confirmation, we will send the item.



Interlibrary Loan Section
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E-Mail: sogo660@mail2.adm
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