How to search books and periodicals held in the KU Libraries when KULINE is out of service.

When KULINE is out of service for some reason and you want to search information of books and journals held in the KU Libraries, you can search CiNii Books for them.

  1. Access to CiNii Books.
  2. Clicking "Advanced Search" under the search window displays the advanced search input field.
  3. Input a title and "KI000560" at the "Organization ID" field, and you can search books and periodicals held by the KU Libraries.
  4. Inputting KU Library ID at the "Library ID" field enables you to narrow the search to materials held in the KU Libraries.

* Caution 1 *

Do not click the green "OPAC" icon next to the Names of the Library when KULINE is not available.
(You can access KULINE by clicking the green icon only when KULINE is available.)

* Caution 2 *

For further information on CiNii Books, please see CiNii Books Help.

* Caution 3 *

You cannot search CiNii Books for e-journals and e-books.
Please check the E-Journal & E-Book List powered by KU.

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LastUpdate: 2014/02/05