List of Libraries which accept Interlibrary Loan Requests

Whether or not you can request Interlibrary Loan online depends on the faculty to which you belong and method of payment.
The following services are currently available online. → For more information, click the applying library in the table.


  • Please be sure to select the applying library, which is determined by the payment method. (ex. Public expense/Private expense)
  • When using PUBLIC expense for the first time, ask your faculty library in order to set your budget.
  • It is not possible to use this service, unless your faculty library is included in the list below.
Faculty of applicantApplying library - PHOTOCOPY -Applying library - BOOK -
PUBLIC expensePRIVATE expensePUBLIC expensePRIVATE expense
Main Library(01)×Main Library×Main Library
Uji Library(02)Uji LibraryUji LibraryUji LibraryUji Library
Yoshida-South Library(03)Yoshida-South LibraryYoshida-South LibraryYoshida-South LibraryYoshida-South Library
Letters Library(04)Letters LibraryMain LibraryLetters LibraryMain Library
Education(05)EducationMain LibraryEducationMain Library
Law(06)LawMain LibraryLawMain Library
Economics(07)EconomicsMain LibraryEconomicsMain Library
Econ. Res. Office(08)×Main Library×Main Library
Science(10)Science /[Uji Library]Main Library/[Uji Library]Science /[Uji Library]Main Library/[Uji Library]
Sci. Mathematics(11)[Uji Library]Main Library/[Uji Library][Uji Library]Main Library/[Uji Library]
Sci. Physics(12)Sci. Physics / [Uji Library]Main Library/[Uji Library]Sci. Physics / [Uji Library]Main Library/[Uji Library]
Sci. Astronomy(13)[Uji Library]Main Library/[Uji Library][Uji Library]Main Library/[Uji Library]
Sci. Geophysics(14)[Uji Library]Main Library/[Uji Library][Uji Library]Main Library/[Uji Library]
Sci. Chemistry(16)Sci. Chemistry / [Uji Library]Main Library/[Uji Library]Sci. Chemistry / [Uji Library]Main Library/[Uji Library]
Sci. Biology(17)[Uji Library]Main Library/[Uji Library][Uji Library]Main Library/[Uji Library]
Medical Library(21)Medical Library / [Uji Library]Medical Library/[Uji Library]Medical Library / [Uji Library]Medical Library/[Uji Library]
Med. Hoken(22)Medical LibraryMedical LibraryMedical LibraryMedical Library
Pharmacy(23)Pharmacy / [Uji Library]Pharmacy/[Uji Library]Pharmacy / [Uji Library]Pharmacy/[Uji Library]
Eng. North (Yoshida)(37)Eng. North (Yoshida) / [Katsura Library] / [Uji Library]Main Library/[Uji Library]Eng. North (Yoshida) / [Katsura Library] / [Uji Library]Main Library/[Uji Library]
Eng. South (Yoshida)(38)Eng. South (Yoshida) / [Katsura Library] / [Uji Library]Main Library/[Uji Library]Eng. South (Yoshida) / [Katsura Library] / [Uji Library]Main Library/[Uji Library]
Katsura Library(40)Katsura Library / [Uji Library]Main Library/[Uji Library]Katsura Library / [Uji Library]Main Library/[Uji Library]
Agriculture(51)Agriculture / [Uji Library]Agriculture/[Uji Library]Agriculture / [Uji Library]Agriculture/[Uji Library]
Agr. Nat. Res. Econ(52)AgricultureAgricultureAgricultureAgriculture
Jimbun(53)Jimbun / JinseJimbunJimbunJimbun
Jinse(54)Jimbun / JinseJimbunJimbunJimbun
Energy(55)Energy / [Uji Library]Main Library/[Uji Library]Energy / [Uji Library]Main Library/[Uji Library]
Informatics(56)Informatics / [Uji Library] / Medical LibraryMain Library/[Uji Library]Informatics / [Uji Library] / Medical LibraryMain Library/[Uji Library]
GES(57)Global Environmental StudiesGlobal Environmental StudiesGlobal Environmental StudiesGlobal Environmental Studies
ACCMS(58)×Main Library×Main Library
EPRC(59)×Main Library×Main Library
Yukawa(61)Yukawa Institute for Theoretical PhysicsMain LibraryYukawa Institute for Theoretical PhysicsMain Library
RIMS(62)RIMSMain LibraryRIMSMain Library
KIER(63)KIERMain LibraryKIERMain Library
ASAFAS(71)ASAFASMain LibraryASAFASMain Library
CSEAS(72)Library of Center for Southeast Asian StudiesMain LibraryLibrary of Center for Southeast Asian StudiesMain Library
CIAS(73)CIASMain LibraryCIASMain Library
KURNS(81)Institute for Integrated Radiation and Nuclear Science×Institute for Integrated Radiation and Nuclear Science×
Inuyama(82)Inuyama Campus Library×Inuyama Campus Library×
CER(83)Library of Center for Ecological Research×Library of Center for Ecological Research×
FSERC Forest(84)AgricultureAgricultureAgricultureAgriculture
Southwest Administration Office(95)Southwest Administration OfficeMain LibrarySouthwest Administration OfficeMain Library


  • The applicants are required to pay a fee (ex. copy charge, postage). However, postage of Intercampus Loan service is free.
  • In Kyoto University, there are 2 types of libraries.: one accepts requests at both PUBLIC and PRIVATE expense, while the other accepts only PUBLIC expense. Please check the list above.
  • If your faculty library is not located in your home campus, it is possible to make requests to your nearest, which is convenient for Intercampus Loan service. The item may be picked up at this library.
    • [Uji Library]…Those who usually study in Uji Campus can make requests to Uji Library.
    • [Katsura Library]…Those who usually study in Katsura Campus can make requests to Katsura library.
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